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Includes: Alkaline Batteries, Battery, Button Batteries, Carbon Zinc Batteries, Gel Cell Batteries, Lithium Batteries, Lithium Ion Batteries, Mercuric Oxide Batteries, Nickel Cadmium Batteries, Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries, Rechargeable Batteries, Silver Oxide Batteries, Small Sealed Lead Acid Batteries, Zinc Air Batteries

Accepted At These Hennepin County Facilities. Proof of residency required (MN drivers license or current utility bill).

Item Accepted As:

Household Hazardous Waste

No Fee

Place clear tape over the terminal of each battery or place each battery into an individual plastic bag to prevent short-circuiting.

All types of batteries are accepted at Hennepin County Drop-off Facilities for recycling. Hennepin County also provides battery recycling containers in libraries, city halls, community centers and other sites throughout the county.

See Household Battery Recycling for more information and to find battery containers locations.

Products that contain batteries

Many products we use every day have batteries. Remember that anything that makes sounds, lights up or turns on without being plugged in contains a battery.

Common products that contain batteries include:

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